Careers at Taylors ETC - Offering Interior Design Internships Cardiff

This is the place we advertise any career opportunities with in our company.

As well as the occasional employed role we also offer Intern opportunities. Here are some details.

At Taylor’s Etc we understand how difficult it is to progress from a degree course to the real working world of an interior Designer. So about 6 years ago we set up an Intern scheme that gives selective candidates a chance to hone their skills in a working environment and to fill the knowledge gab so often experienced when you start a working career within this exciting, yet challenging field.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of offering placements to 7 interior design interns, 5 of which secured full time employment within our company at the end of their placement. The other two moving on to rewarding careers with London based design companies.

If you have a degree in Architectural Interior Design or Spatial planning and are looking for an internship, please get in touch and we will let you know if we have a placement available.

This is what some of our past interns have to say about there time on placement at Taylor’s Etc.

Designer Profile

Ceri Evans BA Hons

During my final year of University I applied for work experience roles in and around Cardiff. I quickly found that the design industry, especially in Wales was very competitive as jobs were limited. When I received the call from Taylors Etc regarding being accepted onto a placement I was thrilled.

I completed 10 weeks in the Cardiff showroom and learned so much that University doesn't prepare you for - the experience was priceless. I gained experience in dealing directly with the client, producing schemes and mood boards. The week before the placement was to come to an end I was offered a junior position and I have since worked my way up and now work directly with the Design Director as her associate designer. The projects I have worked on include listed buildings, large domestic properties and commercial projects and the experiences I have had has opened my eyes to the wider world of Interior Design. I now manage all aspects of a project from concept to completion. I also recently won Bathroom Design of the Year 2015, awarded by Designer Kitchen & Bathroom awards.

Zoe Curtis BA Hons

Having come from a Fashion Design background my entry into Interior Design was a different route. I completed my Fashion Degree and having worked freelance for a number of years decided to change my path and pursue Interior Design. I trained on CAD and I was initially taken on by Taylors Etc in a Saturday position, and later was able to do a short weekday work experience stint to get a grasp of the industry I a broader sense. After that I became a full time member of the design team, and as a result have now got experience in domestic and commercial design and am a finalist in the KBB Review Awards 2016. My particular passion lies in designing domestic interiors, and one of my favourite projects has been recently completed which was bathrooms throughout, and a large master suite featuring bespoke carpentry and additions such as a bio-eternal fire in the bedroom.

Sara Foster BA Hons

When I started at Taylors Etc as an intern I would help the designers create mood boards, pick out items, and make telephone calls to suppliers. it felt a little like being a personal shopper and thought it was rather a relaxed' job.. When one of the designers left, I was offered a position to be bathroom designer and was given the opportunity to be trained  before he left. I couldn't have been more wrong about it being a 'relaxed' job! The telephone calls which I was getting used to push me to discuss designs with contractors, and also being in the showroom dealing with walk in customers allowed me to feel more at ease giving presentations on my designs.

I had the opportunity  to learn about the product I was choosing and how to read a price books and technical data sheets. Through the work experience and my initial few months as an employee I managed to speed up my output and went from taking a whole day on a task to being able to complete the same take in an hour. I am very grateful that Taylors Etc took me under their wing and prepared me for the amount of plate spinning this industry requires.

Since becoming an employed member of the team I have been a finalist in three national design awards in 2015, and am a finalist again in the KBB review awards 2015! Fingers crossed this year!