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The Power of Pattern

Mixing pattern is a matter of scale and style.

The power of pattern!


Pattern is an enormously powerful interior design tool. It can be used to add a certain style to a space; a touch of drama to a room; even to transport the rooms inhabitance to a particular time in history. Now let’s be fair that is powerful!

Obviously colour and furniture and furnishing style also has an impact on the look and feel of a finished room, but the impact a single wall of pattern can have on a room never ceases to amaze me.

So how do you use this punchy element successfully in a room?


If you wish to create drama in a room choose one bold pattern. You can use this to add character to a sofa, a single wall or even all the walls in a room. But the tip is not to include other pattern within the space. Contrast this block of single pattern with plain colour or contrasting textures, as the introduction of more pattern will actually distract and defuse the effect of the main pattern.

Pattern is a great tool to zone a space and there is currently a return to the use of patterned flooring. Combining patterned and plain tiles is a great way to create more intimacy in a large room. Use the pattern to create smaller zones; dividing the room up visually will make it appear more intimate, albeit a little smaller. The same can be done on walls, imagine a large bathroom with mainly plain finishes, but with a patterned section used as a back drop to a feature bath…stunning!

If you wish to include pattern within a room because you like the detail it introduces, but you don’t want it to become a dramatic statement, then combine a few patterns. Choose different scale patterns, some with large open background space together with some that are more compact. You can also introduce geometric stripes, checks and plains to really mix it up a bit. This approach can be adopted right across the room finishes, or simply used for cushions against a simple plain background… the choice is yours.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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