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Our 5 Top Tips to Create Your Dream Bathroom

Our 5 Top Tips to Create Your Dream Bathroom

If you have decided that now is the time to begin exploring ideas, products and designs for your new bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite then you have come across this blog in the nick of time. Here we detail our 5 top tips for creating a dream bathroom with tips from lighting to luxury features, so sit back, get a cup of coffee and enjoy as we inspire you to dream big!


It is something that you hear designers and architects talk about constantly and with good reason because good lighting can make a room. Here we have some examples of easy to implement lighting features including under lit, back lit and ambient illumination.


One for the men! Never miss a football match or episode of your favourite show with a bathroom TV at the foot of your tub. Women, while your husbands busy soaking away in front of match of the day indulge yourself in your own home spa with an aromatherapy and chromotherapy shower. Other bathroom technologies include underfloor heating which you can operate via your phone, speakers that can go under your tub which allow you to hear music clearly when fully submerged under water and infrared flush buttons for WC’s. Pretty cool huh?

Wallpaper & Fabrics

No longer are wallpapers and fabrics the preserve of lounges and bedrooms only. With the trend for open plan bedroom, ensuites becoming more and more popular people are more comfortable experimenting with soft furnishings in bathroom settings. Ventilation is key if you are thinking of doing this. Here are some examples where papers and fabrics have been used to soften and add interest to bathroom spaces.

White Out

A common misconception in the bathroom industry is that white is clinical and uninviting. We beg to differ, white can be timeless, light and airy as seen here in these shots. Think marble, large format and white feature mosaics so that your tile scheme is varied.


Don’t be afraid of wallhung, or more importantly don’t allow your plumber/fitter to put you off wallhung. Wallhung products make up a huge percentage of bathroom sales in the UK and for good reason, not only do wallhung products make floor space appear larger, they also make cleaning easier!

All of the bathrooms featured in this blog are completed Taylors Etc projects. For more information on how we can help you create your dream bathroom contact the showroom today.

Monday, October 5, 2015
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