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2016 New Year Colour Trends for Your Home

When the festive decorations come down and the excitement of Christmas starts to fade, it’s easy for some people to fall in to the January blues. However, I think January should be met with vigour, and seen as a month full of creative opportunity and promise to start the New Year off in style. As an interior designer, I am always keen to see what the predictions for new trends will be, whether its new patterns, furniture styles or decorative colours. One of the key colour trend predictions for next year is a golden yellow; a soft and warm tone just perfect for injecting a subtle amount of glam into your home. So, if your home is in need of some overdue love and attention, may this be in the form of paint or new accessories, make sure your interior is on-trend for 2016 with some of my top tips and style ideas for incorporating this new shade.

Use the Cherished Gold tone in moderation, to add a luxury feel to any room. Less is sometimes more; so opt for delicate gold detailing with wallpaper or accessories.

Gold really isn’t just for Christmas; it’s a very versatile colour which isn’t too bold and likewise isn’t too delicate.  It can also be used in both modern and traditional schemes. With a rich ochre or mustard tone of gold you can create a classic look by indulging in some richly coloured curtains, upholstery or cushions. Likewise, it works well in contemporary settings this time with a pop of colour chosen for stand-out accessories teamed with other trendy shades such as dark blue, grey and teal.  Not only is it versatile with the styles it can create, but there is also great scope to decorate whatever room in your home needs some attention. The warm golden hue should be a colour in your palette to consider, may this be in the living room with subtle detailing on wallpaper, a stand-out bedroom headboard or decorative accessories for the dining room.

If like me you love to indulge in warm, inviting and traditional styles, this golden yellow tone is perfect for doing just that. This look is not necessarily achieved by painting every wall, but instead can be achieved with accessories or even the wallpaper. If it is the living room you are looking to transform, consider combining soft gold hues with a neutral colour such as cream. If it’s furnishings that need an update, choose traditional patterns to really showcase the warmth and richness of the colour for 2016, but in a style in keeping with your home. Why not try a decorative floral or delicately curved pattern adorned with gold detailing, on a sofa, or even with a scattering of cushions. Wallpaper can be great too; go for a neutral background colour with curvaceous shapes outlined with a yellow gold detailing to really emphasise its luxury.

Cherished Gold tones work great on furnishings amongst muted neutral shades. Let the colour of 2016 pop in stand-out furnishings in the living room and create a traditional look.

If you prefer contemporary styles opt for a brighter, more yellow shade to add a pop of colour to any room. If it’s a bedroom you’re looking to refresh, and if you’re feeling brave, consider adding a feature wall in this vibrant and zingy colour. If you’re wary of using a bold colour, a simple way to add this shade is to incorporate a print with this as one of the colours.  Geometric patterns will continue to be popular in 2016 in contemporary settings, so try adding a rug, lampshade, cushions or even a stand-out headboard, with a print incorporating this trendy shade.

Keep it contemporary with a vibrant shade of Cherished Gold, and get to work and accessorise with on-trend geometric trends.

This colour also works brilliantly in kitchens so if yours is feeling a little tired, why not give it a New Year revival with inspiration from this trendy colour. You can simply add some tea towels with a dash of this shade, or give your window sills a makeover with yellow vases  and pots.  If you’re a full convert to this colour, you could even add it to your walls, but perhaps go for a softer shade such as a buttercup yellow and combine it with wooden furniture to create a homely atmosphere for the New Year. 

Take inspiration from the colour of the year and indulge in a buttercup yellow colour, which is perfect for creating a fresh look for the new year.

Friday, February 12, 2016
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