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It's a Small World

It's a Small World.
Just a short plane journey can introduce us to so many new experiences, foreign climates, scenery and styles. When our Design Director said she was holidaying on the idyllic Greek Island of Santorini this year we knew we would get the obligatory sneaky email of a sunset and a champagne holding selfie (to which we reply with tales of how the weather here has been rubbish here as we all cry into our Starbucks and proceed to don our winter boots in September) but what we didn't expect to see was such incredibly inspiring colour palettes.
Such amazing shots made us question our pre conceived ideas of the Island. Sometimes when we are in the daily grind of work, eat, sleep, repeat we forget that outside of our bubble of existence the world over is continually changing. We forget that design and trends are no longer just the preserve of the region in which it came to fruition, but in this modern age of social media when a trend hits, it now hits the world over. It's not just the UK and US who are trend driven, one particular trend for a popular muted hue has reached far and wide and has even replaced the iconic terracotta tones of Santorini in favour of the colour which has taken the design world by storm in recent years; Grey.
In the past when attempting to create a Mediterranean interior in your UK home very few have had true success. This is often because of the lighting. The natural light of the UK is far removed from the lighting when abroad so grey colour schemes in the UK would benefit from pops of colour to soften and balance the scheme. Think playful colour injections to add life and interest to any grey scheme. A particular favourite combination of ours at the moment would have to be grey and yellow, last seen on mass in the 90's this colour combo is slowly creeping its way back into fashion forward homes and maybe even yours?
Let these shots inspire and challenge you.
Grey... in Greece. Enjoy.
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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