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Interview with our Award Winning Designer, Ceri Evans...

Interview with our Award Winning Designer, Ceri Evans...

Our previous blog post touched on our recent award win, Bathroom Design of the Year 2015. Since the win we have been asked so many questions and received so many words of congratulations that we thought what better way to share more about the win than an interview with one of the winning designers, Ceri Evans BA Hons.

We tasked Daniella Fantini who has been on work experience with us for the past month, with questioning Ceri and here are the results!

Bathroom design of the Year- Interview with Ceri

Is this the first award you have won? Have you entered into any others awards?

The showroom has entered many awards over the years and have been really successful, but this was the first award I have been entered for personally and we were really lucky to walk away with the winning design.

How do you feel about winning the award?

It was a great achievement, and it was fantastic to represent the company. It was a joint award, Lesley Taylor BIID and I entered a joint project but as a company we actually had two nominations up for the same category so it was an overall great outcome for Taylors etc. We took away the win and a position as finalist!

How was the award ceremony? Were you nervous?

I was terrified; me and Lauren were holding hands waiting for them to call the results. I heard Lesley’s name and I had to walk through the crowd, as we were sitting at the very back, which was nerve-wracking. We got to meet Rachel Riley which was fantastic and Roberto Palomba, he is a key high end designer for Laufen and won the lifetime achievement award. It was a great day out in London too!

What were your highlights to the project?

I enjoyed using different products in the design. The client liked gadgets and technology so he wanted to incorporate that into the design. Like the TOTO Washlet, which is an innovative piece of technology . We had to work out the complex electrical points for all the products too such as the TV which was a good learning experience.

Did you face any difficulties?

Once we uncovered the floor it was concrete not wood, so we had to figure out a solution for the bath waste. We also had to make sure the technology we were putting in worked as there were problems with the demister pads. Adding all these complex elements help me learn and overcome them for future projects.

What kind of designer are you? What is your style?

I like a mixture of modern and traditional. I’m not a big fan of very modern designs as I find them too sparse and not very personal. I like spaces were you make it your own, having lots of textures and warmth, It has to be special to you.

What would be your dream bathroom?

The total opposite to what I have right now! My dream bathroom would have a free standing bath, book matched marble and somewhere to put all your lotions and potions. I prefer a neutral colour palette; the classical Carrera marble is always a winner.

Have you always wanted to be an interior designer?

I have.  I did art in school and then went on to do interior design in Bridgend College. I went to Glamorgan University to do interior design degree and got a work placement at Taylor’s ect. I have now been with the company for three and a half years. I just love being creative and love looking at new trends for the home. I love creating new things and helping customers visualise a room, that’s what’s rewarding.

Is your winning design your favourite you have created?

It is so difficult to chose a favourite as all jobs are so different and all have elements which I love. However this design will always be special to me due to the accomplishment of winning my first ward.

Do you have any exciting projects you are working on at the moment?

Yes, we have about fifteen different projects on at the moment. We are currently working on a grade two listed property in West Wales. It has marble tops, free standing baths and bespoke vanity units. It also has high end brassware from Lefroy Brooks in every room. It is very sophisticated and high end but it is still simple and classy.

It sounds like your dream bathroom.

Yes it is. Actually they are using book matched marble, which is exactly what I want. I cant wait to see the finished result.

Will you be entering designs in for any other awards?

Yes I hope to be able to enter more awards in the future for both bathrooms and interiors. I am very lucky that I have access to lots of different products which enables me to create the most luxurious and desirable designs for clients.

Interview by Daniella Fantini, 2015.

Thursday, December 3, 2015
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