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Designing Large Living Rooms

Many of us dream of having a bigger home, yet when we have the extra space available, it’s easy to get confused about how best to use it. In fact, large rooms can present just as many problems as compact spaces! If this is the case when it comes to your living room, or if you’re moving to a house that offers more space than you know what to do with, have no fear as my useful tips will help you to create the luxury living you deserve!

This large display cabinet acts as a dividing wall in this large open plan space

This large display cabinet acts as a dividing wall in this large open plan space

Multifunctional Space

The living room plays an important role in the home as it’s considered a multifunctional space. It’s a place in which to relax and entertain but also a room where families can come together to spend quality time together, whether that involves playing a board game or watching a film. Therefore, when planning the design scheme for a living room, it is important to consider what your living room will be used for to ensure that it will fulfil various functions.

Large, open rooms can easily feel cold and uninviting and in a living room you certainly don’t want this to be the case! It should have a warm, cosy and inviting feel and should also be a place in the home where everyone wants to spend time.

When selecting your décor and settling on a colour scheme for a larger living room, you can afford to be bolder in your choices and incorporate deeper shades as opposed to neutral tones. However, if you want to create a look that will stand the test of time and don’t plan on redecorating for a while, I advise choosing a fairly subtle design that is not too invasive on the eye. You can still include plenty of colour and pattern but it’s important to select a motif that you know you’ll love for a long time and won’t date easily. Accessories and fabrics can then be added to the space and changed easily as and when you want to create a different look.


It’s important to carefully plan how furniture is to be arranged when designing a large living area, because if this is overlooked, the room can seem impersonal and unwelcoming. Zoning areas according to their function is the best and only successful approach to take and drawing a quick sketch of the room with possible layouts will highlight the options available. If you’re renovating or building a new home, this process will also ensure you have floor sockets in the correct places, enabling you to use central floor and occasional lighting and also assisting in making the space more intimate.  If you need guidance, one of our design team would be happy to help with this.  One of the best tools for anchoring a group of furniture to a space is the use of rugs. In America, for obvious reasons, these are generally known as area rugs as they can zone the area of a room.

Large rooms can require just as much, if not more thought than small spaces when it comes to the décor and layout. Make the most of the space that’s available and be creative in your choices!

Feature or dividing walls

There is a continuing trend for feature walls at the moment. By that I don’t mean a

single un-offensive wall of wallpaper, I mean something simply stunning that has a huge impact on your room. Large spaces can really benefit from one wall that stands out from the overall scheme, or by creating a dwarf or false wall within a larger space you can be even more creative with your spatial planning.  There are some gorgeous surface covering designs available that need  a large space to showcase them and feature wall coverings will also focus your attention inwards instead of drawing upon empty space.

Keeping it current.

If you are keen to keep up to date with the latest interior trends and plan on changing your décor in line with the latest fashions, I recommend updating your accessories and occasional furniture. New scatter cushions in the current must have fabric design and a well considered floor lamp or coffee table can really add a current spin on a classical room

Remember that interior design isn’t about changing the physical foundations of a room but simply the way in which it is perceived.

Feature wall and carefully positioned furniture helps this large room feel comfortable and welcoming.

Feature wall and carefully positioned furniture helps this large room feel comfortable and welcoming

Thursday, April 21, 2016
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