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There’s something rather special about entering a hotel for the first time, isn’t there? Whether it’s a grand reception area that steals the show, a king size bed adorned with pillows and cushions, or a beautiful feature wall, the interior design scheme you have been treated too is sure to be something that sticks in your mind.

A stay in a hotel can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, so you’ll be pleased to know that bringing a similar feeling of luxury into your home definitely doesn’t have to! This trend can be incorporated into not only the bedroom and bathing areas, but just about any room of the home. Why not consider taking the concept and applying it to a living room for example? Transforming the space into an area which wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel setting might be just what you need in order to recreate the feeling of being away on holiday, without having to travel anywhere!

When re-designing a living room, the end result should always be a space that welcomes you and guests to your home with open arms, and also one in which relaxation can take place. With hotel-inspired living areas, this is also the case, but in addition, the room needs to echo a luxurious retreat, oozing sophistication and glamour and providing an escape from everyday life.

In this type of scheme, it’s worth opting for a neutral shade as your base colour. Not only will this provide the perfect canvas to work with because shades from this colour palette are so versatile, but it also allows you to be adventurous with pattern, soft furnishings and accessories. If you need inspiration, visit your local interior designer for advice. Grey’s really on trend at the moment, and I find that you can’t go wrong with a sage hue, or a pale shade of lilac at this time of year.

One way of adding detail to neutral colour scheme, as well as a little bit of added drama to complete the hotel- inspired look, is with an eye catching focal point. Why not consider making a statement with a bold feature wall by selecting an interesting wallpaper design, or a bold shade of paint? If this doesn’t take your fancy, or if you want to keep all the walls the same colour, introducing an interesting piece of furniture that will grab the attention of anyone who enters the room will work just as well. Quilted sofas, for example, will really give a room a alluring, boutique hotel feel.

Once you have chosen a colour scheme, you’re then ready to complete the look with soft furnishings and accessories, but always remember the motto ‘less is more’, to prevent the space looking cluttered.

Be adventurous with your choices and add a sense of individuality with pattern and different textures. Luxurious materials such as silk or velvet will add detail, as well as an air of opulence to a space and metallics are also perfect for giving a room a sense of sophistication. Whether you incorporate silver accessories, or simply add a silk cushion that features a pattern which has a glimmer to it, metallics and lush materials have the ability to really give a room that ‘wow’ factor. Be sure to also layer your seating area with plenty of cushions, and a plush throw, to finish off the room and for added bliss, of course.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
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